Meet the Team at Moray Tax Specialists 
Ewan Edwards

Ewan Edwards

Ewan worked with HMRC for over 35 years. As a senior leader within HMRC, he led multi tax discipline investigations across a huge variety of businesses within the UK's Small and Medium Enterprises sector. 


He also worked in HMRC's Large Business Unit for 7 years and was seconded to their Policy Division. His preferred area of operation was however within the SME sector.

His experience of dealing with numerous Owner Managed Businesses, high wealth individuals in addition to large UK & Foreign owned corporates has provided him with invaluable knowledge in business and personal taxes. 

Goldwells 400x400.png
Goldwells 400x400.png


Moray Tax  Specialists is proud to be part of Goldwells. a well respected business accountancy service that means business.


Goldwells has  been advising businesses, contractors, freelancers and sole traders since 2002.

With eight offices throughout the north of Scotland and expertise in accounting, tax and business support, Goldwells is respected for the role it plays in supporting clients with business advice that often goes beyond a traditional accountancy service.

Moira Edwards

Moira is our VAT and Payroll expert.  Her former role as a senior manager within HMRC brings invaluable expertise to this practice.


Moira led a team of HMRC Inspectors carrying out VAT assurance visits and PAYE inspections within the Small and Medium Enterprises sector throughout Scotland.


Along with this she has extensive experience with Self-Assessment Compliance work and HMRC's business support teams, particularly with start ups.

Nicholas Edwards

Nicholas is a Cyber Security Specialist. He works with us in a consultancy role to ensure we are aware of data security issues and that we work in a safe and secure IT environment.


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