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Free up your Time

We can handle all your payroll needs for you including Automatic Enrolment, PAYE Real Time Information (RTI) submissions and year end procedures/reports.


Our payroll software by Moneysoft is a comprehensive HMRC recognised,RTI compliant payroll software package used by thousands of SME’s, agents, accountants and CIS Contractors across the UK. 


Our multiple payslip designs can be printed in a variety of styles. They can also be emailed directly to you or straight to your employee.


Automatic Enrolment

Our chosen software supports Automatic Enrolment of Workplace Pensions and is compatible with all major pension providers, including NEST, NOW: Pensions, The Peoples Pension and many more. 


Auto Enrolment was introduced by the Pensions Act 2008. We can explain the background and what an employer’s legal duties are under this legislation.


We also recommend The Pensions Regulator website for impartial information, click on the find out more button for more information.  FIND OUT MORE

Moray Tax Help


Our payroll service can be provided as part of your overall package with us or as a single product.  Our stand alone payroll fees are very competitive, for a no obligation quote please email or phone with the number of employees and we will provide you with our fee per pay run.